About The Application

Approaching our first anniversary, Umlaut Foundation has established itself among the Californian foster youth community as a resource for mentorship and materials. In a commitment to our youth, we are looking for students who can help Umlaut Foundation redefine its full potential. 

Starting February 1st, 2021, Umlaut Foundation is opening our Shadow Applications for students interested in becoming an officer of the 2021-2022 Umlaut Foundation Board of Directors. To provide a seamless transition from one board to another, Umlaut is looking for driven Californian high school students to serve as shadows for its current Board of Directors. 

Umlaut's program is a unique opportunity for hands-on experience in problem-solving, marketing, communication, teamwork, and leadership. We strive to create a flexible and welcoming environment for our board, our volunteers, and our foster youth.

Becoming a shadow officer of Umlaut is not just a rewarding experience; it is a time commitment. Each officer is expected to attend monthly meetings, interview volunteer applicants, and complete personally assigned projects. 

Open Positions and What We Are Looking For

To maximize our growth, Umlaut Foundation is looking for candidates who will surpass our expectations and expand our capabilities. The following positions are open for shadow applications.

Umlaut's Chief Operational Officer is responsible for leading the team as a regional executive officer. They will be expected to manage meeting minutes, direct discussions, and brainstorm innovative program leads.

Umlaut's Chief Communication Officer is responsible for curating a professional presence. They will be expected to expand Umlaut's image by writing newsletters, emailing and cold-calling points of contact, and meeting with potential sponsors and partners.

Umlaut's Chief Financial Officer is responsible for raising funds and overseeing Umlaut's cash flow. With the help of Umlaut's board, the CFO will be organizing outreach events and allocating the funds towards supplies for foster youth and future events accordingly.

Umlaut's Chief Technical Officer is responsible for developing and managing Umlaut's website and upcoming app. With Umlaut's website as the center of Umlaut's donations, volunteers, and outreach, the CTO must have prior programming experience and a drive to create innovative, user-friendly design. *Preferably, a candidate has background in Webflow as well*

Umlaut's Brand Ambassador is responsible for representing Umlaut on social media with engaging photos and thoughtfully designed graphics. The Brand Ambassador should be familiar with Instagram's algorithm and have an eye for design. They should also be looking for creative ways to curate Umlaut's professional presence on emerging platforms.

How To Apply

Applications are open to Californian high school students starting 9th grade to completing 11th grade. Applicants are allowed to apply for multiple positions, but given the workload of each application, we recommend focusing on one.

To apply as a Shadow officer, begin by reading over the introduction/assignment document linked below each position accordion. After completing each assignment, submit your files in the Airtable form below along with your contact information and answers to two supplemental questions.

Umlaut Foundation will assess each application with a quality baseline in mind. Shadow Applications will stay open until be believe we have found the right fit for each position. Within 3-4 days of your submission, we will reach out to you via email with available interview times and proceed form there.

Please direct ALL questions (general questions and questions specific to applications/assignments) to umlautfoundation@gmail.com, and the appropriate Umlaut officer will respond within the next 24 hours.

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM on weekdays and weekends