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Umlaut is dedicated to supporting foster and kinship youth by extending opportunities for growth and development in education and extracurriculars. We help children living without the security of a family reach their full potential by connecting them with qualified high school students who are well-versed in diverse topics and passionate about education. We envision a community that fosters growth and awareness among the youth.

What does "foster" and "kinship" mean?

Foster youth are minors who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect from their parents or guardians. Through the foster care system, they can be placed into wards, group homes, or homes with a state-certified caregiver (a.k.a foster parents). In some instances, foster youth are placed into homes with extended family or siblings. Kids living under these circumstances are called kinship youth.

What is the problem?

Currently, there is a significant and growing privilege gap in youth for foster and kinship students. Because these kids are constantly moving homes, and, thus, schools, they aren't receiving a properly structured education. On top of that, when entering new schools, foster and kinship youth are placed in unfamiliar learning environments and may face challenges when connecting with their peers. What's more, foster and kinship youth do not have the security net of a family to explore new hobbies or interests.

How can I get involved?

See our Get Involved page!

How does COVID-19 affect Umlaut? 

In times like these, foster youth are especially vulnerable. With social distancing in mind, Umlaut is moving to virtual mentorship. In the application process, we will be orienting volunteers in Zoom and Slack to prepare them for the transfer to remote tutoring.

Why can't I access some parts of the website?

Our website is still under construction! As Umlaut continues to grow, our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) will be crafting our website. For now, we apologize for the inconvenience!

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