Our Mission

Umlaut was founded under the belief that inherent in every child is incredible potential and is organized to help foster youth realize and achieve their capabilities through volunteer-supported mentorship.

Our Program

Umlaut operates with the goals of building upon foster youth’s vision of their futures by matching them with passionate teens to guide them on a path to success. 

Offered Plans

Drop-in Class: The Drop-In Class is a thirty-minute to one-hour session that allows foster youth to dabble in new spheres of interest (for example, experimenting in photoshop). This option also allows volunteers to trial Umlaut’s tutoring sessions and begin bonding with their mentee.

10 Hour Plan:
The 10 Hour Plan is designed for volunteers who have already committed and successfully taught three drop-in classes. This option provides one-on-one, weekly tutoring sessions for foster youth seeking instruction in areas of growth. The 10 Hour Plan also offers an opportunity for high school seniors to meet their 20-hour community service graduation requirement. 

Of course, for potential volunteers who do not see a topic they are qualified to teach on the list, there will be an option for them as well. 

Discovery Lecture:
The Discovery Lecture is a fifteen-to-twenty-minute lecture, similar to a Ted-Talk, where high schoolers speak about a topic they are passionate about and are willing to teach. This option provides a great public speaking opportunity for high schoolers, and it allows a group of foster youth to discover new passions along with a way to pursue it.

Our Locations

Pleasanton, CA

Umlaut Foundation is based in Pleasanton, CA, where we serve over 150 foster and kinship youth. Each one of these kids deserves an opportunity to explore their interests and realize their capabilities. If you live in the area and are interested in joining the community, visit Get Involved to learn how you can help out.

If you are not from Pleasanton and would like to help expand our list of locations, please see Open a Branch to learn more.

Our Affiliations

California Alliance