Our program wouldn’t exist without its dedicated volunteers. If you enjoy tutoring or sharing your passions, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Tutoring for Umlaut is a unique experience; we pair each mentor with a foster/kinship youth based on interests and background. Apply if you would like to help your community by forming bonds and creating opportunities.

The application process is easy and straightforward. Start by hitting Apply on the Umlaut Foundation website. Fill out the form with your information and availability—we will reach out to you within the next three days to set up an interview. The interview is to get to know you: your passions, your experience, and your reasons for wanting to join Umlaut. After making sure you are a good fit for our team, you will receive an email on how to start an account. Through the account, you will be able to create a profile and start volunteering!

Anyone and everyone can apply. We need volunteers from different age groups and backgrounds with different passions and experiences, so we appreciate all applications. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see our Umlaut team grow!

For volunteer applicants over the age of 18, we require they have a copy of their fingerprint, TB test, and CDL on hand.


Big or small, every donation helps. In order to make sure that our programs are as beneficial and accessible as possible, we need to be able to buy supplies and have access to spaces for tutoring. Donations also help make it easier for our volunteers to meet with foster/kinship youth. With your donations, Umlaut is able to run smoothly and help reach its goals. 

If you are able to, donate to our cause by visiting the Donate page and completing the prompted steps. Again, any amount helps. If you would like to continue donating to Umlaut in the future, see Become a Partner. If you are unable to donate but are still interested in our mission, see Get Involved to learn more. Thank you so much for supporting Umlaut and the foster youth community!

Open a Branch

Help us expand Umlaut! Currently, Umlaut Foundation is based in Pleasanton, CA, but we would love to help more kinship and foster youth. To do so, we need dedicated students in different districts to be willing to open a branch of Umlaut. Each branch requires its own officers and volunteers.

If you would like to open a branch, please email us at umlautfoundation@gmail.com. Tell us about yourself and your district. In addition, each branch will need to form a connection with the head of the kinship and foster youth program in the district. Umlaut Foundation can help with this step. Once we get your email, we will begin the next steps to create relationships with the tutors that sign up for your branch and the students in need.

Email us with any questions. We are looking forward to seeing Umlaut grow with your help!

Become a Partner

Umlaut is a program run by students, for students. For this reason, we need partnerships. Whether its donations from a local business or a venue for our tutoring services, anything and everything helps us achieve our goals! 

Tutoring is costly. Students require school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, highlighters, and flashcards. Umlaut’s goal is to make our program as accessible as possible for the students we aim to help. Through aid from partnerships with businesses, libraries, and more, the programs will run smoothly and be all the more beneficial to foster and kinship youth. 

If you would like to become a partner or have any other ideas on how you could help Umlaut achieve its goals, please email umlautfoundation@gmail.com.