Starting May 2021, Umlaut Foundation will be assisting with the PUSD Foster and Kinship College Career Preparation and Readiness (CPR) Program. The CPR Program was created in 2014 by PUSD's Youth and Development Specialist, which was designed to help foster and kinship youth navigate and stay on track to finish their college applications by January 2022

The program pairs Junior year foster and kinship youth with Pleasanton Unified School District Seniors/Alumni who have completed their college application process. These volunteers would become College Buddies for our students and help them through their application process from summer until late January.

For Pleasanton Unified Seniors and Alumni

We are looking for volunteer applications from students who have COMPLETED their college application process. In future years, we hope to open applications to other school districts. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the application linked below. After filling out the application, we will conduct a quick thirty-to-forty-minute interview to get to know your college application process better. Please remember that you must be committed throughout the summer until December/early January. Along with volunteer hours, the CPR Program is an excellent opportunity to add to your resume/occupational experience. 

This application is open to ANY PUSD SENIOR/ALUMNI! You DO NOT have to be a registered Umlaut volunteer before applying, so spread the word to your senior/alumni friends!

Apply to Become a College Buddy

For All Volunteers

For ALL SENIORS/GRADUATES who have completed the college application process, we are accepting ESSAY DONATIONS. These essays will act as a guide for our foster youth on how to respond to supplemental questions for specific colleges, universities, and programs. We do not condone plagiarism and will compare all submitted samples to our students' final essays to ensure academic integrity. You do not have to volunteer for the CPR Program to donate your essay, and if you'd like to remain anonymous in your submission, feel free to do so! If you would like or are willing to donate your essays, please fill out the form below.

Donate Your Essays

For Liaisons, Social Workers, and/or Caretakers:

Currently, our college preparation material has been organized for PLEASANTON FOSTER YOUTH ONLY. However, if your community is interested in a similar program, we'll be happy to help get one started in your district. Please reach out to us at